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Justin and Miikka are the Urban Escapists. We embrace a cosmopolitan life in East London (UK) and chase adventures further afield whenever we hear the call of the open road. From a hard day’s hike to gastronomic delights we revel in the joys of travel, culture and the unexpected, close to home or the far side of the globe.

This blog is a collection of travel tales and recollections as well as tips and must-do lists. It depicts our schemes to reach that elusive perfect life balance by making the most of a city existence through pairing it with frequent (and sometimes lengthy) vanishing acts into the wilds. We believe that with a little lateral thinking you can subvert the daily grind without needing to hand in your notice. This is what the blog is all about — the best of both worlds.

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Justin is a recovering academic, foodie, and culture vulture. From retro cocktails in secret speakeasies to scrambling over ancient ruins, he’s already scavenging for the next hidden gem.

 Hailing from Canada, Justin has lived in the US, Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK. Future travel wish list includes exploring the winding souks and bazaars of North Africa and the Middle East, and an Australian road trip adventure.


Miikka is a victim of perpetual wanderlust and the call of the wild. A thrill-seeker and raconteur hunting for the perfect hot spring. A Finn by design (but not always by nature), Miikka has lived in Malaysia, Canada, Italy and the UK. Top destinations on his bucket list are an African Safari and roadtrippin’ in South America.